Heiple Law Offices practices from the distinctly Christian
perspective, turning to Biblical principles and core values
wherever possible, both in counseling our clients and in
operating the firm.

Legal matters can be costly and unbelievably stressful
for everyone involved. We work to make a strategically
positive difference. We purposefully reach out for
amicable resolutions wherever possible, bringing a
refreshing change to the unfortunately all-too-contentious
legal culture of the 21st Century. In the language of Matthew
5:13-16, we are intentionally seeking to be salt and light,
desiring to bring a difference to the currents, crosswinds,
and influences of the world around us.

As a result, we often present creative options that some
lawyers wouldn’t even consider. We encourage our clients
to explore mediation for conflict resolution instead of
becoming bogged down in prolonged litigation. Our focus
is on creating the best outcome for our clients, not the
option that will run up the biggest bill.

Heiple Law Offices pursues a statewide practice for our
appellate and workers’ compensation clientele, and the
other aspects of our practice are primarily concentrated
in the counties that are part of the 9th, 10th, and 11th
Judicial Circuits in Central Illinois.